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Subject: Guarding Shad 3GUARDING SHAD
Chapter 3
We sat russian straight boy still sitting in the sauna, my arm behind Shad with his head
now laying across my chest. I nudged Shad and said, "time for bed?" He
smiled up and me and took my hand, leading me out of the sauna. We toweled
each other off, still hard and horny. Shad wrapped the towel around his
waist and I did the same as he took my hand and lead me upstairs to his
bedroom. At times he would let my hand go as we ran into different people
employeed at his home. They all gave me hard stares and sex images russian quizzing looks as
we walked past, but went right back to work when Shad stared them down. We stopped off at a room, which Shad told me would be my room. It was
amazing! Full bedroom with it's own private bathroom, big screen tv, mini
kitchen, and a bed larger than any I have ever seen. He closed the door
behind us and lead me to a dresser. On top were all the clothes I had in
my duffle bag from the beach, pressed and cleaned. I smiled and said, "you
don't fuck around do you". He laughed and lead me to another door in the
room. He opened it and it lead into an even larger bedroom. It was
obvious this was Shads room, with all kinds of toys, Tvs, recording
equipment, and photos of himself with other celebrities. Shad broke the silence, "we gotta have rooms close incase of stalkers
and shit. You got's to knock first though in case I'm hittin some bitches
hole" My heart sunk a little bit when he said that. He noticed it
immediately and added with a sly smile "but if I get horned, I'm gonna come
knockin for you" With that Shad walked over to his bed, illegal russian lollita dropping his towel
to the floor. He sat with his legs open, slowly stroking his boy meat
until it was fully erect. I stood there motionless for a second until he
spoke, "you're fag aren't you Danny??" "Come suck this black boy cock". I was taken ladies russian wrist watches aback for a moment, a little angry, but even more horny.
No kid his age 2 russian schoolgirl sex had ever dared call me "fag". I walked over to him, placing
my hand lightly on his shoulder, but then squeezed russian bdsm free gallery as hard as I could,
making his head cringe to the side I was squeezing as he curled up in a
ball squealing "owwwwwwwww!! Wat the fuck!!" Leaning russian euro fisting porn
into his ear russian mailorder brides
I said,
"I am gay yes, but you are way to small to be calling me a fag!" Tears
started to fill those beautiful eyes and he said "owwwwww stop dat shit
man!!" I continued, "you are a beautiful boy Shad, and I want to share my
body with yours, but you got to respect me".
I let loose of his shoulder and he scooted up to his headboard rubbing
his shoulder. "FUCKER! Dat fuckin hurt!!" I looked down at this sexy russian illegal porno pics boy,
obviously put pics russian sex in his place for the first time russian xxx girls in his life by anyone but
maybe his mother. My stomach turned as I came to my senses as to what I
had just done. Shad's angered look turned to a half smile as he looked up
at me, seeing my face red and flustered. "You gonna protect me and my mom
with this much emotion?" I let out my breath, "Shad, you ain't gotta do nothing with me if you
don't want to. You are one hot boy, and I know I want to do russian free underground porn stuff with
you, but not if your gonna talk down at whore russian
me." With that he got to his knees
on the bed and came over to me still standing over his bed. He put his
arms around my waist and took down my towel. Looking up he said "damn ya
are one mean sexy bitch, this is a lot for me to take, gimme some time, I
promise to treat ya betta!" I took him in my arms, lifting him up, and
kissed those thick hot lips for the first time. Our tounges locked as we
both held onto each other. Breaking loose I whispered in his ear, "and
yes, I will protect you and everyone you care for with my life". With that I laid Shad russian porn vintage down onto his bed, placing my hands on his
thighs and spreading his legs open wide. His cock was hard and dripping
precum as ran my fingers over it. I crawled onto his bed, over him and
kissed him again. Shad moaned deeply and ran his fingers through my spiked
hair. Kissing down his cheek, I made my way to his ear, licking and
nibbling the lobe. His hands ran up and down my back, katya ordinary russian girl then my ribs,
admiring my tight muscled body and I continued to lick down his neck.
Sweat beads russian mailorder brides
began to gather on his body as I reached down, grabbing his
wrists and pulled his arms overhis head. His armpits had just a little
hair on them, as I licked and kissed his pits from one side to the other.
His odor was intoxicating! Not a bad smell russian naturists
at all, but an almost sweet,
musky odor. I leaned up looking at my new lover, his eyes were squitted
shut as he moaned and twisted under me. I kissed his lips gently and said
"Gawd you smell so good Shad!" Looking up he lowered his hands to my head,
brushing my cheek and then locking his fingers into my hair tightly. He
pushed down gently saying "please don't nude russian sluts stop Danny". I moved down his body, stopping at his nipples and swirling russian girls suck my tounge
around each one before lightly sucking at them. Each nipple hardened as I
licked and sucked on them, caushing Shad to moan. I continued down,
licking his tight six pack. My chin bumped into his cock head, so I held
it off to one side as I swirled his belly free russian incest button. My hand touching his boy
cock for the first time caused a shudder throughtout his body as he hissed
"yessss!" I then held his black teen cock upright and dropped my mouth
down over it as far as I could go, feeling it rack at my throat.
Shad's hips raised of the bed as his hands pushed my face down farther
down onto his russian underground voyeur
boy cock as he moaned "OHHHHHHHHH" I began sucking up and
down faster and harder as his hips raised off the bed each time, slamming
his cock deeper into my throat. Soon I had his entire black cock to the
base stuffed into my mouth, moving my tongue around the bottom side as much
as I could, causing Shad to buck up and yell, "I'm gonna bust a nut man!!" I reached up, holding onto the base of his cock as I took my mouth
off and dove down onto his smooth ball sac, taking his balls into my mouth
and sucking russian gangbang wives
on them. This brought Shad's body up off the bed as I released
his cock and let him bust loose. His cock erupted as he screamed
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH"!!! His first spurt went over his shoulder, the next 2-3
covered his chest with cum, and the final spurts shot out only inches,
piling up onto his abs. I was amazed at how much he had cum. I always
shoot huge loads, but Shad had outdone me! His upper body was covered in
his sweet boy juice. He laid there catching his breath, cum and sweat
mixing and running down his ribcage in streaks. I sat admiring his
youthful black body, so sexy and wet with his own juice. Crawling out from
between his legs I laid next to him, running my fingers over his stomach
and chest, stopping only to take a taste of his boy cum. Coming back to reality, Shad looked at me and pulled my face to his,
kissing me deeply and tasting his own cum. I broke the kiss off, "was that
okay?" He got this look on his face like I had just given him the best
gift anyone had ever given him and said, "oh man! Dat was so fuckin hot!
Oh MAN!" I giggled and kissed him again. He stopped it this gay russian websites time, "oh
man, we gotta bust yer nut too!" I told him I was fine, but he said "fuck
too! I ain't never gotta a guy off, you gotta tell me how ya wanna bust
it" I thought for a minute. I didn't want to take it too russian family nudes far, but I was
so horny my balls ached. "Shad, we don't wanna move to fast, but I got an
idea. Roll over onto your stomach." Shad's eyes got big "whoo! I dunno if
I am ready for THAT!" I said "relax boy, I ain't going all the way" With
that he rolled over putting his face down into a pillow. I russian photo forum
scooted loose russian girl
and started licking the hot spot between his pucker and balls, nuzzling my
nose deep and hard into that area, causing him to gasp. I was getting too
close to waste time, so I went straight for it, licking up and plunging my
tongue deep into his boy hole. He leaned up gasping again but all that
came out was a "arrrrrrrrgh yes!!" I worked that tight pucker for only a minute, then moved up his body,
licking his back all the way up until my face was next to his. I licked
all around his ear then whispered, "when I put my cock between your legs,
move em close together real tight". I lowered my cock between his legs
just below his ball sac and he did what I asked. My cock was trapped by
his legs.
I began humping up and down onto his body, kissing and licking his
sexy back as my cock worked it's way up and down between his legs. I was
immediately over the edge, shaking and humping as I pulled back and
realeased my load all over his balls with a scream. Shot after shot
covered his ball sac, so I pulled up and began filling his ass valley with
my jizz. As my cum subsided, I collapsed hard down onto his body. Shad
purred softly below me until I finally slid off of him. He reached down
behind him and ran his fingers over his balls, scooping up and handful of
cum and placed it to his lips and licked. Smiling I helped him lick his
fingers clean between our kisses. Somewhere in the next minutes we hardcore russian lesbians both
fell asleep in each others arms.
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